Monday, March 2, 2009

Mugabe's 85th

The nightmare continues.

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe celebrated his 85th birthday last month with a $250,000 party as the South African nation continues to deteriorate. The U.N. now says that a raging cholera epidemic has infected 83,265 and killed at least 3,877 Zimbabweans.

Economic ruin is also certain to last as long as Mugabe pursues his disastrous land redistribution program. "Land distribution will continue. It will not stop...The few remaining white farmers should quickly vacate their farms as they have no place there," Mugabe told his birthday crowd.

A "unity government" was finally formed between the President and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai last month. Yet, dozens of opposition party members have been charged with terrorism, imprisoned, and tortured by Mugabe's thugs. For more background click here.