Monday, February 9, 2009

Kindle 2.0

Amazon unveiled its new electronic book reader, Kindle 2.0, today. The original Kindle was a surprise hit. The update is smaller, lighter, faster, more refined and it can read to you. This all sounds great and I would like to get one. Still, I do wonder about the viability of dedicated electronic book readers in the long run. It's easy to imagine new generations of readers not caring about text approximating the look and feel of a book.

I recently read a short novel on an iPhone. It's small type but manageable. And, if you want, you can listen to music while you read or look up items from the book on the web (or do this, h/t DB), all on the same device. In short, book publishing is in trouble. And I'm betting on Google to take over the Kindle in the future.

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