Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Immutable Law of Sports

The ridiculous Bowl Championship Series (BCS) is facing its annual scrutiny and momentum seems, finally, to be building for a college football playoff. The President-elect has endorsed a playoff. Utah's attorney general makes a credible case that the BCS may violate antitrust laws (the 13-0 Utes had no shot from the start). I wrote this article on this disgrace a while back. The BCS is an insult to the teams, the sport and to competition. And it violates the immutable law of sports - winning makes you better.

To demonstrate how absurd the BCS is, let's review the championship matchups if that arbitrary system was used across sports (real champion in parentheses).

College basketball: North Carolina vs Memphis (Kansas)
NBA: Lakers vs Celtics (Celtics, congratulations)
Baseball: Chicago Cubs vs Los Angeles Angels (Phillies)
NFL: Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots (NY Giants)

Presidential Election: Rudy Giuliani vs Hillary Clinton (Barack Obama)