Friday, January 2, 2009

The End of the United States, soon

Former KGB analyst and Russian professor Igor Panarin has long been predicting American disintegration. Now Panarin and his expert fantasy are gaining celebrity academic status in Russia, with the professor appearing regularly on Russian state media (h/t DJ). According to Panarin, the United States presently faces a 55-45% chance of disintegration. He is confident that by summer 2010 a second civil war will render a disunited six states (with Alaska going back to Russian control - maybe we should have taken Sarah Palin more seriously). See the map of the disunited states above.

So it's 50-50 that the United States disintegrates in the next 2 years. That's the great thing about coin flip predictions, even when you're wrong you're right. As absurd as this proposal is it does say a lot about the current state of affairs in Russia. The treatment of imminent American disintegration as sober foreign policy analysis (and an important piece of government propaganda) well demonstrates the new and growing Russian nationalism. As we've said before, the bear is awake and growling.

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