Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 of the Brain

2009 is The International Year of Astronomy, the Year of the Gorilla, the Year of Linux Revolution (and Delusion). I like these sort of devotional, optimistic projects and predictions. I'll even sign up for the Year of the Ox - who's not for fortitude and hard work?

Lots of scientists and thinkers are looking at 2009 and the near future as a time of huge change in neuroscience. Astonishing revelations are on the way. Paul Allen is building a neural atlas. Sam Harris discusses true lie detection. An astounded Lesley Stahl had a 60 Minutes report on mind reading (below). Nobody gets astounded like Lesley Stahl. She is almost as astounded as Scott Pelley is intrigued. I would love to see them interview each other.

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