Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nepotism in Politics

Glenn Greenwald on nepotistic succession in politics. George W. Bush was the best/worst example of this idiocy. Even during his first campaign, supporters accepted that he was a simple, incapable figurehead - but he would be surrounded by people who knew what they were doing. Greenwald:
One of the most encouraging aspects of Barack Obama's success -- and, for that matter, the ascension of someone like Sarah Palin or Bill Clinton -- is the pure self-sufficiency and lack of family connection behind it. But even pointing that out demonstrates how meritocratic self-sufficiency has almost become the exception rather than the rule. That we now treat Presidents like Kings and expect them to exercise similar powers is consistent with the broader trend whereby we are ruled by a Versailles on the Potomac, with all the bloated, decadent insularity that implies.