Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Moths and Flames

Everyone has seen a moth fly into a flame or bug zapper and wondered why. Moth's perplexing immolation is generally explained as a misapplication of evolutionary instinct, though what instinct is a matter of some debate. The most prominent theory is that moths, relying on transverse orientation (keeping constant angles from a distant light source like the moon) to navigate, are (often fatally) disoriented by human light sources. Alternative theories suggest moths are mistakenly looking for hiding places and that flames mimic a female moth's pheromones.

I would like a present a keen moth metaphor to explain Illinois Governor Milorad "Rod" Blagojevich's behavior. Our evolutionary past (I'm thinking lizard brain) isn't irrelevant, but mostly I think Blagojevich suffers from a self-assurance reserved for the very stupid.