Thursday, December 11, 2008

Iranians Threaten France with "Repercussions" for Sarkozy Speech

Nicolas Sarkozy has said that he will not shake hands with someone who "dares to say: Israel must be wiped off the map." As a result, the French Ambassador, Bernard Poletti, was summoned to the Foreign ministry in Tehran and told that there would be repercussions for future comments of this nature.

Not two weeks ago David Miliband gave a speech that resulted in an ear-wringing for Geoffrey Adams, the British ambassador to Iran, who was summoned to hear similar complaints. Miliband had the temerity to say that an Iranian nuclear weapon was a threat. Adams was told that the Fundamentalist Islamic Revolutionary government which has sponsored terrorist acts as far abroad as South America against targets as harmless as community centers, was developing nuclear technology to meet energy needs. Never mind that the Iranian economy is in a tailspin and that the Ahab-like pursuit of fission isn't economical, or that as an OPEC nation it sits atop huge oil reserves. The world may be forgiven for being confused as to why it is so imperative that Iran, which doesn't even refine much of its own oil, is so hell bent on refining Uranium for peaceful purposes.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall during these meetings, these summonings: what did Geoffrey Adams say? "Yes, Mr. Foreign Minister, our government knows that your government denies seeking a nuclear weapons capability. All that remains now is for your government to prove it by giving up seeking a nuclear weapons capability. Then my government's Foreign Minister will stop saying what is obvious, that if Iran builds a nuclear weapon, the whole Western world will be held hostage to your demands. Anything else?"

What did Mr. Poletti say? "Excellent, I will inform my president immediately: If he continues to speak his mind as your president does, there will be repercussions."