Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009: The Year to Be Predictions

Politics: Obama's transformation from a dashing if irrelevant leftward Senator to Rushmore Candidate sees him take increasingly Centrist positions, alienating his original base, but winning plaudits from rational Republicans as the Fox-focused coalition-that-was further disintegrates.

GeoPolitics: Iran enriches enough uranium for a bomb, still claims peaceful purposes, but the crisis escalates. Iraq's level of violence rises, reigniting the debate about how and when to withdraw. Afghanistan nevertheless becomes the focus of American warmaking, with modest gains and spectacular news coverage. The global slow-down hits China and India harder than predicted, leading to a reassessment of the Communist Party's wisdom in China and increasing tensions on the subcontinent. Russia plays dangerous games with energy and drives wedges between Europe and the U.S., especially the U.S. and France, Sarkozy and Obama'a honeymoon ends with public ugliness.

Science: Researchers clone human being. Nanotechnology dominates medical advances. Research totally changes our understanding of dark matter.

Wish list: Creation of Palestinian State. Timeline set for international mission to Mars to create permanent colony. Cure for Cancer. Cold Fusion.