Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mission to Mars: Park By the Glacier

NASA spacecraft have made a huge discovery on mars. A number of vast glaciers have been discovered at the middle latitudes of Mars, one larger than the city of Los Angeles. Needless to say, the discovery of vast stores of water near the Martian equator is a tremendous leap forward for planning manned missions and permanent colonies.

Covered in a layer of rocky debris, the glaciers are a half a mile thick in some places. Just as glaciers on earth have provided valuable information of our planet's past, there is great hope that air bubbles in these glaciers on mars will tell us about the history of the martian atmosphere.

We can dare to dream that life forms may be frozen in the ice. Discovering life on another planet in our own solar system could change the way we think about life in the universe, and possibly jump-start colonization of the red planet.

Thank you to the University of New Brunswick's Planetary and Space Sciences department for the image, and their website, which has a database of space missions (including the incredible number that have failed) and a database of Earth Impacts.