Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mighty Mouse Pills

Scientists have found that the compound SRT1720 provides health benefits comparable to low-fat diet and exercise in mice. Mice were fed a high fat and calorie diet and were restricted from exercise. The mice were given SRT1720, a compound developed by Sirtris Pharmaceuticals that targets the gene SIRT1, a controller of mitochondrial activity long thought important in senescence. Despite the poor diet and lack of exercise, the mice did not gain weight or develop metabolic disorders or insulin resistance. In fact, their exercise endurance on treadmills improved. The drug may act like a more precisely targeted, more potent version of red wine's resveratrol. Clinical trials on drugs related to SRT1720 are ongoing and their efficacy for diabetes will be soon be known.

We have discussed drugs and diet and anti-aging before.

(image credit: gavinshearer.com)