Saturday, November 1, 2008

Football Picks: Who's the Boss?

A disastrous 5-9-1 last week moves me to .500 for the season, proving what we all suspected - I'm as good as a coin flip, and less shiny. My brother, the Boss, has been particularly unforgiving and informed me this week how much better he could do. So, this week I'll pick games against him and the loser will feel horrible about himself and lament his very existence. My picks in bold, (B) follows Boss's picks.

Houston (B) (+5) at Minnesota
Jacksonville (B) (-8) at Cincy
Tampa Bay (B) (-9) at Kansas City
Baltimore (+1.5) at Cleveland (B)
NYJ (B) (+5) at Buffalo
Arizona (B) (-3) at St. Louis
Detroit (B) (+13) at Chicago
Green Bay (B) (+4.5) at Tennessee
Miami (+3.5) at Denver (B)
Atlanta (B) (-3) at Oakland
Dallas (+9) at NYG (B)
Philly (B) (-7) at Seattle
New England (B) (+6) at Indy
Pittsburgh (B) (+2) at Washington

season: 21-21-1

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