Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Forecast Update

Michael Johnson, our humble creator, has officially redeemed himself with his election predictions. In fact, not only did he redeem himself but he predicted the likely final electoral count with greater accuracy than nearly every top political pundit. With Missouri going red today and North Carolina likely flipped blue, President-Elect Obama should end up with a total of 364 electoral votes. Mr. Johnson envisioned an Obama victory at 375 electoral votes (only one state off).

Here are the predictions from the Washington Post's 14th Biennial Outlook Crystal Ball Contest. The Post asked 14 prominent pundits for their electoral forecasts. Johnson's count was closer to the actual total in 12 of 14 cases. A significant triumph for political analysis at on a truly historic day in our nation's history.

Update: I just discovered that Supercollide contributor and A Shout in the Street creator Madison Brookshire exactly predicted the likely winning total of 364 electoral votes and also picked every state correctly with the exceptions of Indiana and Missouri. Outstanding.