Friday, November 28, 2008

Bush's War

PBS Frontline's Bush's War is a must-watch. The story of the Iraq War has had only the vaguest public telling. As the feckless media and feeble Democrats push forward (expediency always first), our country risks losing the war's lessons. Madison Brookshire juxtaposes the portrait of Bush in Oliver Stone's W. and in Bush's War:
In essence, it is the opposite of Oliver Stone's W., which makes fiction out of a reality so compelling it needed no treatment. In effect, this is the film I longed for when I wrote my review of W. Some may think it unfair to compare a fiction film with a documentary one, but Bush's War is as literary as anything Stone has ever made. Its characters are compelling; its conflicts vivid; its ironies bitter, cruel and heartbreaking. It is a tragedy, really, with the State Department as the Greek chorus.
Madison's review of W. is here.

(image credit: Frontline's Bush's War,