Thursday, November 20, 2008

Armband Religion

Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post wrote a thin analysis with gooey lumps of style about the honeymoon being over between the Religious Right and the GOP. It is forgettable. But a term she uses -- "Armband Religion" -- has caught the imagination of interested parties from The Lead to Verum Serum.

It has certainly captured mine.

I have been deeply saddened over the course of my life at the aggressiveness and self-assurance with which the word "Christian" has been applied to everything from music to movies to politics. When I think of Christian music, I think of Bach or Handel. Not Among Thorns.

The idea that "Christian" politics is about enforcing censorship of sexual images but not violent ones, about making sure that babies are born, but not necessarily fed, educated, or given proper health care, about making sure gay people can't get married or adopt children instead of encouraging everyone to live in a loving family, makes me terribly sad. This isn't "Christian" politics, this is the politics of a culture that is afraid of change rallying around the cross, because it gives them the ability to claim that their prejudices are God's law.

Unfortunately for them, there are Christians -- organized into churches -- that disagree with them. They just don't wear their religion on their arm.