Wednesday, October 29, 2008

That Pitbull is Whack

Bitter infighting within the Republican presidential campaign has gone public. Multiple anonymous sources are now telling the press that Senator McCain and Governor Palin might not be very fond of each other behind closed doors. Top McCain aides have allegedly called Palin a "diva" and a "whack job." One report has even claimed that McCain snubbed Palin while the two were on a long bus trip together.

Some pundits have commented that the feuding might stem from Palin's probable manipulation of the McCain campaign to increase her chances for a successful run at the presidency in 2012.


More likely is the possibility that McCain advisors have come to the painful realization that Palin will never be the Holy Grail that the campaign envisioned her as back in August. For John McCain and the future of Straight Talk, the famous words of the Grail Knight at the conclusion of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade now loom larger than ever:

"He chose poorly."

(photo credit: Jeff Medkeff)