Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Study Finds Women In Red More Attractive To Men

The University of Rochester in Rochester, New York has released a study which reinforces the notion that we still share many instincts with our fellow great apes.

Heterosexual Men with normal color-vision were more likely to indicate desire for women dressed in red articles of clothing or whose photographs were bordered with red. In one part of the study the subjects even expressed a willingness to spend more money from a hypothetical budget on women in red.

Researchers have been quick to point out that while there is a cultural basis for intellectually linking red with love and sexual desire, Human males share this biological association with Chimpanzees and Baboons, who respond powerfully to red coloration in females during mating.

No word yet from Chris DeBurgh.

(image credit: "A Lady in Red", Fyodor Shapayev, 1957, thank you to artandfaith blog)