Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah Palin: The Audacity of Nope

Nope, Sarah Palin is not going to the answer questions as asked during the vice presidential debate. Nope, she is not going to entertain questions from the media "filter" going forward.

The much anticipated vice presidential candidate debate was predictably lame with Sarah Palin competently (for the most part) reciting talking points and Joe Biden being, for better or worse, Joe Biden. I suppose Palin won against expectations but it's hard to see how she won the debate.

It seems a stretch to call what happened a "debate". I guess you have to give it to Governor Palin for exploiting the rules and feckless moderator. It's fairly audacious to announce out loud during a "debate" that you won't be answering the questions asked. But then, so is reading from notes the entire night and asserting that you won't be talking to the media anymore. Nobody seems to mind too much. Is she really not going to hold a press conference before she's vice president? You betcha. That's extraordinary.

In any event, the debate was full of the usual nonsense and distortions.

(photo credit: Rick Wilking / AP)