Friday, October 17, 2008

Robots To Triple in Number Within Three Years

Predictions that robots will dominate our future are turning out to have real credence.

World Robotics has released statistics that show a trend in new robots set to triple the number in existence. If you have always been disappointed that 'robots' were a technical term for one dimensional, industrial task-fulfillers, think again: the latest numbers show that two thirds of robots are in "service" from entertainment to new military applications.

One of the potentially 18 billion new robots is being constructed in a UConn Biomedical Engineering lab, and is based largely on detailed sketches, perhaps as many as 14,000 pages of them, drafted by Leonardo DaVinci.

As outlined on their website, the project -- kicked off by Dr. John Enderle -- is a taste of one direction robots are being stretched in:
"We envision a robot that will have a mobile neck and the ability to track moving objects with it's 'eyes.' The robot will have two modes, one that will respond to computer commands and another to speech commands. Muscle modeling will be used to imitate natural human movements. The pulleys and gears of Da Vinci's original robot will be used along with the muscle models to mimic the functions of human anatomy."