Saturday, October 11, 2008

Party in Pyongyang

The State Department removed the Democratic People's Republic of Korea from its state sponsors of terrorism list today after the isolated country granted nuclear inspectors complete access to its facilities. On the list since January 20, 1988, North Korea joins Iraq (2004) and Libya (2006) as the third country dropped from the national terrorist register within the last four years. The remaining state sponsors of terror are: Cuba, Iran, Sudan, and Syria. (Syria's status might also be modified in the future if tangible results are ever produced from stalled Syrian-Israeli peace talks).

Harsh sanctions are applied to countries designated as state sponsors of terror. In the case of North Korea it is unclear when sanctions will be lifted or if the country will truly rejoin the international community. All too familiar is Kim Jong Il's unique talent for bizarre and destructive behavior.

**Check back soon for more on the strange world of the "Dear Leader"

(photo credit: Associated Press)