Monday, October 20, 2008

The Ironic Candidate

All politics are ironic. But the choice of Sarah Palin approaches self-parody. Barack Obama is inexperienced and unready but Sarah Palin hasn't followed the Iraq war. Obama is anti-American and pals around with anti-American terrorists, but Palin's husband used to belong to a secessionist movement (wonder how the great Republican Abraham Lincoln would feel about that?), Palin is an anti-pork reformer who killed the Bridge to Nowhere, but really she campaigned in 2006 supporting the bridge only dropping her support for political advantage. Jane Mayer's piece (h/t Nate Silver) in The New Yorker reads like fiction as Palin is championed by a divinely inspired blogger and heralded by Bill Kristol and a band of luxury-cruising Washington insiders. It's worth reading, as is her important, mainstream media-ignored book The Dark Side. (back to Super Collide)

(image credit: illustration by Richard Thompson,