Monday, October 6, 2008

France on Nuclear Proliferation: "Let Them Eat Iran"

Reuters has the latest in the Iranian Nuclear Proliferation row.

Bernard Kouchner, French Foreign Minister, was speaking English to a reporter from Israel's Haaretz newspaper when he seemed to suggest that, if push came to shove, Israel could eat Iran:

"I honestly don't believe that [developing a nuclear weapon] will give any immunity to Iran ... because you will eat them before."

The French Foreign Ministry later issued a statement noting that the H is always silent in French, and had been dropped. Kouchner had been suggesting that a pre-emptive surgical strike would neutralize any Iranian nuclear threat before it materialized.

This correction spared Israel the odious task of explaining that eating Iran would not be permitted under Judaic dietary law.

(Thank you to HowStuffWorks for image of sword swallower)