Friday, October 17, 2008

Football Picks

I managed not to embarrass myself last week, going a very respectable 9-5. And it should have been 10-4 if Kitna had played for Detroit. I still don't know how a bad Lions team with a first-time starting quarterback who used smelling salts before the game and ran out of the back of the end zone without being touched lost on the road by 2 on a last second field goal (video below). I tried but I'm not sure that sentence was long or painful enough to capture my incredulity. I'm as incredulous as John Stossel.

I expect to be thoroughly embarrassed this week. My picks in bold, I will again be betting against prophylactic smelling salts.

Tennessee (-9) at Kansas City
San Diego (pk) at Buffalo
Pittsburgh (-10) at Cincy
Baltimore (+3) at Miami
Dallas (-7) at St. Louis
Minnesota (+3) at Chicago
New Orleans (+3) at Carolina
San Francisco (+10.5) at NYG
Detroit (+9.5) at Houston
NYJ (-3) at Oakland
Cleveland (+7.5) at Washington
Indianapolis (-2) at Green Bay
Seattle (+11) at Tampa Bay
Denver (+3) at New England (-3)

One College Pick, Missouri (+4) at Texas

season total: 9-5

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