Saturday, October 11, 2008

Football Picks

In an effort at public embarrassment, I'm going to pick the NFL games this weekend, against the spread of course. There's little worse than sportswriters picking games without the spread. In any case, the picks might appeal to my brother and some degenerate gamblers. You have my apologies. On the odd chance that I do well, I hope to be celebrated as a rare and daring genius.

Week 6 (my picks in bold)
Oakland (+7) at New Orleans
Baltimore (+4) at Indy
Cincy (+9.5) at NYJ
Carolina (+1.5) at Tampa Bay
Detroit (+13) at Minnesota
Chicago (-3) at Atlanta
Miami (+3) at Houston
St. Louis (+14) at Washington
Jacksonville (+3.5) at Denver
Philly (-5) at San Francisco
Dallas (-5) at Arizona
Green Bay (+3) at Seattle
New England (+5) at San Diego
NYG (-8) at Cleveland

UPDATE: please note I'm revising my pick to Minnesota as Jon Kitna isn't starting for the Lions.

UPDATE #2: I just saw Detroit's starting quarterback Dan Orlovsky using smelling salts on the sidelines before the game. That does not inspire confidence.

(image credit: William "the Refrigerator" Perry,