Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boo Who?

Republican Vice Presidential candidate and renowned hockey mom Sarah Palin was booed recently at a Philadelphia Flyers game. She was booed despite having two of her daughters accompany her to center ice, including her 7-year-old daughter who was wearing a Flyers jersey (nice try).

Lest you take this as barometer of the public mood, it's important to review the storied history of Philadelphia fanatics and their legendary booing. Philly fans have booed their own cheerleaders and they routinely boo their teams' best players. They once beat up an opposing team's mascot. They cheered when Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin suffered a serious neck injury. Baseball announcer (and former Miller Lite pitchman) Bob Uecker tells the story that during an Easter egg hunt for players' children, the fans booed the kids who didn't find any eggs (this may be a joke, but it's easily believed). Most famously, Philadelphia fans booed Santa Claus and pelted the jolly fat man (goodness personified) with snowballs.

All of which is to say, Sarah Palin could be as great as Santa Claus and still get booed in Philadelphia. Though I believe Santa Claus has held more press conferences.

Finally, with the Phillies one win away from the World Series, we could be looking at a perfect storm of booing. If President Bush somehow throws out the opening pitch at the Phillies World Series (home) opener, a whole new level of boo could be introduced into human history. The President with the lowest approval rating in history + the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression + most prolific booers in sports history = WOW, the mind reels. That booing might open a hole in the universe. (back to supercollide)

(image credit: AP)

UPDATE: To be clear, I admire the passion/honesty of the Philly fans. I'm no fan of Sarah Palin, to say the least. I was just having a little fun with it.