Monday, September 15, 2008

"Making America Stupid"

An extraordinary article from Thomas Friedman, great and masculine writer of cliches. While deriding Republican policies and McCain tactics, he still manages to call Obama a professorial coward, not knowing "how much steel is in Obama's belly". We need desperately to find a man who can swallow great amounts of steel without suffering brain poisoning. Iron Man would seem a great candidate, but does he have the right temperament?(image TM & (C) 2006 MARVEL)

Update: I wanted to clarify my comments on the Thomas Friedman article. I realize my criticisms are a little petty and I agree with the gist of the article. I was trying to point out the irony of his personality attacks on Obama in an article called "Making America Stupid". Professorial is a pejorative for Friedman. And Obama, despite his well-documented, plainly aggressive foreign policy pronouncements (including the suggestion of unilaterally bombing Pakistan, called reckless by McCain), needs his belly steel quantified. Perhaps Friedman is referring to Obama's willingness to negotiate diplomatically with our enemies when he questions his steel.
There are plenty of questions about Obama, but after eight years of George Bush, his inclination to use his brain and not his gut should not be among them.